This blog was not made for me to focus on my writing or to improve my communications skills or anything like that. It's just me having a place to jot down my random, scrambled thoughts and upload a few of my photos.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


just a few quickie photos! haha I'm soooo not on top of this lately!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Saturday, December 4, 2010

"Just Call Me Uncle"

Well, my last post was absolute rubbish. It was boring and dry and annoying. Oh well, this is a new post with new thoughts.

First I must say, I have the best mom in the world. No, really, I do. I've been sick with Malaria for about ten days, and she has done everything possible to try to help me feel better. She has run errands, fixed food, slept in my room, run all over the house getting things for me, gotten up at 5:30 AM to give me medicine, calmed me down when I freaked out about getting my blood drawn, and probably like a vigintillion other things that I'm forgetting. So here's a thank you to all moms, my mom in particular, for everything you do.

So having Malaria is no fun, let's just establish that. But I got some people at the CDC in Dallas pretty freaked out, and one guy from somewhere became very distraught when he heard I hadn't been hospitalized, which I thought was kind of funny. Also, I am now a statistic, as there are normally less than 1,500 people in the US that contract Malaria in a year. And for the record, my highest fever has been 105.4, and so far I have lost about seven pounds, which means that my jeans and shorts won't stay on. Oops.

I will now proceed to tell you ten happy things because all that stuff up there sounds pretty dreary and depressing. And maybe because I'm slightly introverted and like making lists.

1. I had waffles for breakfast.
2. I watched Julie & Julia for the first time today and absolutely loved it.
3. My dad is cleaning out his closet.
4. Our house is decorated for Christmas.
5. My little sister is going to a wedding for the first time.
6. There is a cat sleeping on my bed.
7. I put a Superman silly band (courtesy of my best friend) on my key ring.
8. I'm wearing a shirt & cardigan that both have hot pink stripes on them.
9. They don't match at all.
10.I can hear wind chimes.